AUSSA, aparcamiento Urbanos, Servicios y Sistemas S.A. is a company that has its head office in Seville and it has a great deal of experience in running all types of public car parks, controlled parking zones and vehicle removal services in public streets. We also organise parking for big and very big events (up to 20,000 parking spaces).

AUSSA is made up of a dedicated, innovated professional team that can overcome any obstacle and come up with specific solutions for each customer, which are always focused on improving mobility in cities.

We work in Spain and, thanks to our ability to adapt and use the latest technology; we now operate in five Autonomous Communities.

Continuous improvement

Improve the urban car park system of our cities, by coming up with mobility solutions and controlling the parking of vehicles, through each of the services that we provide.

Rationalisation and utility

Enhance the overall usefulness of car parks by rationalising road occupancy. This is all based on the quality of the service, the professionalism, the efficiency in the management and the results.

Our objective
Mobility solutions

At AUSSA we focus on coming up with real solutions for mobility problems in cities, which helps make urban environments more sustainable, where citizens can move around in comfort, in the shortest amount of time possible and in an environmentally friendly way.

Mobility services

We provide comprehensive solutions adapted to improve mobility in cities.

Regulated parking
Vehicle removal service
Aussa Presence
More than mobility

Integral solutions in the sustainable management of car parks, management and organisation of large car parks, regulated parking, vehicle removal services (cranes) and mobility studies. Our scope of work is national and, thanks to our capacity for adaptation and the application of the latest technologies, we are currently present in five Autonomous Communities.

Blue zone
Parking Mercado de Triana
Parking Mercado del Arenal
Regulated Zone Seville
Regulated Zone Calahorra
Regulated Zone Huelva
Regulated Zone Úbeda
Regulated Zone Chiclana
Regulated Zone Collado Villalba
Collado Villalba
Regulated Zone Morón de la Frontera
Morón de la Frontera
Parking Rafael Salgado
Parking Hermanos Maristas
Parking José Laguillo
Parking Cisneo Alto
Parking Paseo Marítimo
Parking Puerto Deportivo
Parking Torre de la Plata
Car Crane San Fernándo
Car Crane Alcalá de Guadaira
Car Crane Linares
Car Crane Huelva

As part of the aforesaid Management System a number of policies have been defined for all the internal and external personnel, for the customers and users of the services, and in all the work centres and facilities of the company.

Quality of a service based on an Integrated Management System regulated by five reference standards, which are audited annually.

AUSSA has an Integrated Management System, as we understand that this is the only way of working that allows us to offer services that improve the expectations of our clients and that guarantee an adequate provision of our services. Likewise, our company takes the necessary measures to prevent, eliminate or minimise the risks that may arise in its activity, including in these measures both criminal risks and labour risks.

Every year, AENOR certifies our compliance with the standards of the first three norms and Applus the last two.


Within the framework of the Management System described above, policies have been defined for all internal and external personnel, for clients and service users, and in all the company's work centres and facilities.

ISO 9001 aims to improve customer and stakeholder confidence and satisfaction; establish a proactive culture of prevention, improvement and environmental protection; and ensure consistency of quality of products and services.

The ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems (EMS) certification is an international standard that allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection. This commitment is demonstrated through the management of the environmental risks associated with the activity carried out.

ISO 45001 is the international standard for occupational health and safety management systems, designed to protect workers and visitors from occupational accidents and illnesses.

The UNE 19601 standard is aimed at reducing an organisation's exposure to criminal risk and promoting a culture of crime prevention, by means of a set of preventive tools that seek to avoid criminal offences in the company.

ISO 37001 is the international standard for anti-bribery management systems. It is designed to help organisations implement and maintain anti-bribery prevention, detection and action measures throughout the organisation and its business activities.

Social responsibility

AUSSA is a company that is committed to society, its environment and social development, which is why it believes in developing corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies that enable us to get involved in social changes that affect our surroundings.

Commitment to accessibility for all

Different activities have been organised that focus on making our facilities accessible for people with reduced mobility, which go beyond what is provided for in the existing applicable legislation. To this end different accessibility audits have been carried out in our car parks, awareness raising campaigns have been promoted together with sector-specific social organisations and the company has been involved in filming a documentary on the matter.

Transparency portal

We hope that this portal is useful for all citizens, we strive to continue improving it and gradually complete it pursuant to the provisions established in the laws: 19/2013, dated the 9th of December, on “Transparency, access to public information and good governance” and 1/2014, dated the 24th of June, on “Public Transparency of Andalusia”.

Institutional and organisational information
Senior officials
Relations with citizens
Contracts, agreements and grants
Economic and budgetary information
Anti-corruption and anti-bribery policy
Equality Plan


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